Investment Schedule

Signing up for the Cushing Chamber of Commerce is more than paying dues; it is an investment in your business and in your community. Annual membership investments allow the Chamber to provide quality programs, services and events that serve and enhance business in Cushing and the surrounding area, and more importantly business for our members. The value of just the exposure the Chamber provides exceeds the cost to invest. Below is a schedule of annual member investments: 

  • Non-Profit Organization: Includes churches, Civic Clubs and other non-profit organizations.
    Organization $110.00
  • Financial Institution: Each financial institution and its local branches will hold Chamber membership. Bank officers are professionals for purposes of the investment schedule and will be listed members. Non-professional employees may hold Chamber membership under the institution’s umbrella for $50.00 per year.
    Institution $255.00 + $35 per million in deposits
    Professional $125.00
  • City of Cushing: The City's basic support level is established at $2500.00 and includes all entities under the umbrella of the City of Cushing. Membership listing will include each agency of the City, represented by a department head or equivalent and these individuals will hold the Chamber membership by virtue of the City's investment.
  • Service Industry: Includes the School System, Hospital and Prison. Individual department directors and managers may hold Chamber membership under the umbrella of the organization‘s membership for $50.00 per year.
    Organization $500.00 + $5.00 per employee over 10
  • Professional: Includes physicians, accountants, attorneys, realtors, insurance agents, financial
    planners and other professionals. Each professional within the organization is
    encouraged to hold Chamber membership.
    Professional with up to 4 employees.. $200.00
    Professional with 5-10 employees $255.00
    Professional with over 10 employees $255.00 + $5.00 per employee over 10
    Each additional Professional $125.00
  • Business: Owner/manager with up to 4 employees $200.00
    Owner/manager with 5-10 employees $255.00
    Owner/manager with over 10 employees $255.00 + $5.00 per employee over 10
  • Friends of the Chamber: We encourage civic-minded individuals to become members of the Cushing Chamber of Commerce. This category represents Retirees, Educators, Clergy, Military, Non-professional Employees of a Business Member and Individuals not actively involved in a business operation who wish to support our activities. Friends of the Chamber: $55.00