Program of Work

Cushing Chamber of Commerce

2017 Program of Work


CHAMBER BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  To govern and set policy for the Chamber, make decisions, representing the membership and provide direction, support, and necessary resources to carry out the Chamber’s Program of Work.

Membership:        Elected by the Membership and by appointment.

Meeting Date:      12:00 p.m., 3rd Thursday of each month, with the exception of January, Chamber Conference Room.


President…Dana Jones - Mullins Salavage 

President Elect…Kerri Marks - Amedisys

VP, Finance…Dustin Pfahler - Wal-Mart

VP, Program of Work…Brent Rush - Enbridge

Jerod Helling - RCB Bank

Jody Cundiff – NGL Crude

Sarah Leka - Geeding Construction

Mike Munday - CCA

Larry Brewer – Matrix

Giakob Beasley - Beasley Technology 

Heather Brennan -  Central Technology 

Koln Knight (ex-officio) – Cushing Public Schools

Steve Spears (ex-officio) – City of Cushing



EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  To act for the Board of Directors between meetings of the Board, oversee the Chamber’s Program of Work implementation and to employ and provide direction to the Executive Director of the Chamber.

Membership:  Officers of the Board and the Executive Director

Meeting:  On an as needed basis.


President:        Dana Jones

Members:        Kerri Marks

                          Brent Rush

                           Dustin Pfahler


FINANCE COMMITTEE:  To ensure that the Chamber of Commerce remains fiscally sound and that all monies are handled in a prudent manner.

Membership:  By appointment

Meeting: On an as need basis


Chair:               Vice President of Finance: Dustin Pfahler

Members:        President: Dana Jones

                           President-Elect: Kerri Marks

                           Executive Director: Tracy Caulfield

                           Amber Sumpter, or representative of CBEW


Ambassador’s Committee:  To recruit new members, retain existing members and serve and serve as the official goodwill diplomats for the Cushing Chamber of Commerce.


  • To aggressively recruit new members.
  • To attend and promote participation in Chamber functions including ribbon cuttings, groundbreakings, “Business After Hours,” luncheons, etc.
  • To support new members by inviting them to “Business After Hours” and other Chamber functions.

Meeting Date:  2nd Tuesday of each month, 3:00 p.m., Chamber Conference Room – In Transition for 2015

Chair:  Tonya Rhoten


Business Council To support and enhance the Cushing business community in the areas of business development, education, communication and networking opportunities through specific programs and activities directed to the needs of business.


  • To plan and coordinate activities; including at least 4 educational workshops, to meet the current needs of business.
  • To recognize outstanding businesses during the year and make a recommendation for Business of the Year which will be recognized at the annual Chamber Banquet.
  • To promote and support the Cushing Cash Program.
  • To support Ribbon Cuttings to welcome new members to the Chamber and encourage them to participate in the Cushing Chamber Business Council.
  • To plan and coordinate the Cushing Christmas Parade.
  • To support maintaining and continued improvements of the telecommunications infrastructure.

Meeting Date:  7:30 a.m., 2nd Wednesday of each month, Cushing Chamber office – In transition for 2015


Members:        Jonathan Tinnie


Education & Workforce Development:  To support all local education systems, organizations and agencies, and to provide an open format that allows for educational issues and topics to be presented.


  • To host the Chamber’s Business After School Program.
  • To promote the Tomorrow’s Leaders Program at the Cushing High School.
  • To promote the Leadership Cushing Program. 
  • To schedule two on-site visitations each year of our local schools.
  • To provide information to the Cushing Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors on educational issues.

Meeting Date: 4:00 p.m., 1st Tuesday of each month,  Various school sites during the course of the school year.


Members:      Koln Knight

                        Nancy Dowell

                        Pat Elder

                        Sally Wright

                        Trisa Nicholas

                        Sharon Kerr

                        Lee Roy Kalka

                        Lori Toland

                        Sean Kelley


            Tomorrow’s Leaders Committee

                        Terry Brannon, Chair

                        Sharron Kerr

                        Trisa Nicholas

                        Derek Griffith

                        KerrI Gilbert

                        Audra Forguson


            Leadership Cushing Committee

                       Marian Gilkerson

                        Heather Brennan

                        Kerri Marks


          Women in Business

            Amanda Cove              Jean Rossiter                Makeia Williams

            Amy McCrackin           Jerrica Kahle                  Meredith Kamenshine

            Amy Morrison              Jilliam Blakemore          Misty Clift

            Anita Marler                 Judy Goddard                 Molly Payne

            Barbara Rollen           Judy Sheridan                 Myra Reid

            Beth Dutton                  Kathy Jones                    Neta Blake

            Betsy Hibbard              Katie Williamson           Oretta Holderread

            Betty Rush                    Kerri Marks                     Peggy Swineheart

            Brenda Butcher            Kerri Wharry                  Penny Jenkins

            Brenda Magdeburg      Kim James                   Phyllis Beasley

            Carrie Gilbert                 Kim Ward                      Priscilla Smith

            Cheryl Grant                  LaDawn Connor          Rev. Sonya Tobey

            CheyAnne Lang           Lana Charlton               Rita Dudley

            Debbie Lock                 LaVonda Youngman    Robin Dunaway

            Debbie McNickle         Lee Denney                   Sandy McCauley

            Deborah Moody           Linda Gayhart               Shanni Phillippe

            Debbie Sellers              Linda Lee                      Sharon Hudgins

            Denice Hough               Linda Rogers               Shauna Jones

            Donna Judd                  Lisa Hubbard                Shelly Parkman

            Dorinda Gouw              Loleta Clark                   Sherrie Plunkett

            Elizabeth Lau                Lori Butler                      Sherry Hammonds

            Emily Moore                  Lori Toland                    Stacey Hamilton

            Etha Tinnie                   Lynda Cummings          Sue Medlock

            Gail Hill                         Mandy Lyons                  Susann Branstetter

            Holly Tichenor             Marian Gilkerson           Suzette Barta

            Jacque Vassar             Marilyn Duff, Chair        Tammy Webb

            Tonya Rhoten              Terri Blevins                   Terri Groves

            Tisha Wilson                Tommye Waltman         Toni Vieyra

            Trisha Nicholas            Trisha Rieman              Trudy McWhirt

            Vicki Holderread          Willeta Smith                 Tracy Caulfield

            Gabrielle Farnes          Audra Forguson

Existing Industries:  Serve as a liaison between the community and industry.


  • To make individual visits to Cushing industries to insure their viability in the community and to assist in anyway possible.

Meeting Date:  7:30 a.m., Wednesday morning (on as needed basis). – In transition for 2015




Legislative Affairs:  To promote legislation and responsible government which creates an environment for economic viability and enhances the quality of life for our city at all levels of government.


  • To develop recommendations on federal, state, county and area legislative issues that affect the business environment and communicate the Chamber’s position to appropriate officials and the general public.
  • To continue to communicate with Chamber Members on legislative issues that affects our region.
  • To promote the Oklahoma Prosperity Project to Chamber Members and our citizens to increase voter education, registration and election turnout.
  • To conduct public forums to discuss pertinent issues on a non-partisan basis.

Support adequate funding for K-12 education, technology centers and higher education; Support no funded mandates; Support on-line sales tax collection; Support sales tax enforcement; Support adequate funding for infrastructure needs;.  Support the Oklahoma State Chamber’s 10 Key Principles:  taxation, workers compensation, lawsuit reform, health care, energy, water, economic development, education and workforce development, retail and transportation.

Meeting Date:

Chair:  Kent Burris

Members:         There are no members.  Any chamber member and/or guest wanting to attend the Legislative Phone Call and Luncheon is invited.


BBQ ‘N Blues Festival:  To honor and show appreciation to the Oil Storage and Distribution Industry located in and around Cushing.


  • To show appreciation to the Oil Pipeline and Storage companies by hosting the Annual Festival and Appreciation Golf Tournament.

Event Date:  2nd Saturday of June

Meeting Date:  4:00 p.m., 4th Thursday of each month (February through May), Chamber 

            Conference Room


Members:        Representative(s) from each of the Oil Storage & Distribution Companies


Toni Vierya

Sarah Burden

Sharon Garner

John Hubbard

Kerri Wharry

Tammy Robinson

Todd Elton

Chris Lewis

Sammie Smith

Jim Roop

Doug McEathron

Debbie Sellers

Jody Cundiff

Suzanne Courtright

Megan Crumpton

Tracy Caulfield

Bill Pool

Phil Valois

Whitney Mize


Festival in the Park:  An annual community festival that adds to the quality of life.


  • To host the annual festival to adds a cultural and quality of life event for the citizens of Cushing and surrounding area.

Event Date:  9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., 2nd Saturday in October, Cushing Memorial Park

Meeting Date:  6:00 p.m., 3rd Monday of each month (July through September).

Members:       Bob Felts

                         Jillian Blakemore

                         Jerod Helling