What is a Chamber?

Chambers of Commerce are business and community associations, generally incorporated as a 501 (c)6 business.  Chambers of Commerce are not part of local, state, or federal government, though chambers do often partner with government to accomplish the chamber mission.

Chambers of Commerce are funded by membership fees as well as non-dues revenue such as events, sponsorships, contracts, and sales of various products and services.  The vast majority of chamber membership rolls are small business – businesses with fewer than 20 to 35 employees on average.

Today’s chamber of commerce, rather than being narrowly focused on one particular industry, issue, cause, or activity focus on a broad range of activities and support for both businesses and communities.

What the Chamber does for YOU

The Chamber of Commerce is the business community working together.  It is the central agency that corrals the forces of the community for its improvement: in business, in industry, and in the professions.  Together, the chamber does what no person can do by him or herself.

A New Business Partner
The chamber is your most valuable, yet lowest paid employee, taking as much interest as a partner but leaving you the boss.  Entire committees of top-flight business and professional executives voluntarily work to improve your business opportunities and living enjoyment.

Another Pair of Eyes
The Chamber is Cushing’s only business organization working full-time, looking at and attending to many details of making our area an even better place to live and earn a living.  Yes, it provides eyes of specialized observers who maintain a watch on those matters that affect every citizen in the community.

Another Voice
Through your Chamber, you can voice your views on legislation, taxes, civic affairs, employment, trade, transportation and other important matters.  Joined with the opinions of other civic and business leaders, your ideas are amplified through a cooperative “voice of business” and acquire additional strength.

Another Pair of Hands
The Chamber staff answers hundreds of inquiries a year relative to every imaginable question concerning the city and area.  These inquiries would go unanswered if there were no Chamber of Commerce.  The goodwill and accurate information furnished has an incalculable value to the Cushing area.

A Tireless Salesperson
The Chamber provides a clearinghouse of information needed by visitors, potential residents, and local businesses who are interested in learning more about the area.

An Expeditor
In serving the businesses of the community, the Chamber is devoted to activities designed to create more community wealth.  As payrolls are expanded and more jobs created, everyone stands to benefit from the growth.  More people, more sales opportunities, more money, more tax revenue and the resulting increased services all add to making the Cushing area an even better place to live and make a living.

Another Front Office
The Chamber is the place where visitors gain their first impression of the hospitality and soundness of our community.  This office reflects the energetic outlook of our civic leaders and business community.  It is a rallying point for community development.

A Necessary Business Investment

In the same relationship to your business as rent, lighting, advertising, and payroll, your membership investment should never be considered a contribution.

A Business Advocate
When you, as an individual or business, express your opinions and concerns and make a contribution physically and financially, in a cooperative effort with your peers in the community, you have made a commitment to work collaboratively for the betterment of our area.  The Cushing Chamber of Commerce & Industry strives to be a leading agent of change, to stimulate orderly growth, to address local, state and national issues affecting our area, to develop social responsibilities affecting homes, schools, health and to promote the free enterprise system. 


You, as a businessperson working in and with the Chamber, make your contribution to the community effort and, in turn, it benefits you, your family, and your business.