Chili Cook-Off (Cooking Arts)

The Annual Cushing Lion's Club Chili Cook-Off happens every year at the Festival in the Park.

Lions Chili Cook-Off  2015

Saturday, October 10, 2015


We are excited about having you at our annual Chili Cook-Off and we want you to enjoy your experience.  Proceeds from this event will help finance humanitarian projects here in Cushing, the Lions Boys Ranch at Perkins, and the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank.


         BEST  CHILI                       PEOPLES CHOICE                BEST DECORATED BOOTH


1st      $ 125.00   +  TROPHY                                                    $125.00 +  TROPHY                                                 1st    TROPHY

2nd     $   75.00   +  TROPHY                                                                                                                                         2nd   TROPHY

3rd      $   50.00   +  TROPHY                                                                                                                                         3rd    TROPHY 



Our rules are short and simple.

1.         Set up time may begin as early as 8:00 AM.  Check in with the officials’ table for your booth space.  All cooks need to be at their booth space by 10:00 AM.

2.         Cooks are responsible for supplying their own table, chairs, cook stove, ice chest, utensils, trash bags, etc.

3.         Fillers such as beans, cheese, spaghetti, etc. are allowed.  No alcoholic beverages may be used in preparing or serving your chili.

4.         Preparation of ingredients prior to the cook-off will be allowed.  You can pre-cook at home and warm it up in the park.  Entries must provide a minimum of five (5) gallons of chili.

5.         You may provide crackers for the people sampling chili if you wish, but no other goods or beverage may be shared or sold.  The Lions Club will have crackers available with the taste kits.

6.         Containers to collect the “Peoples’ Choice Award” votes will be supplied by the Lions Club and will be located on the officials’ table.  Each container will be numbered with the corresponding number assigned to each booth.  There will only be one “Peoples’ Choice Award” winner.

7.         A panel of independent judges will be used for a blind taste test to determine First, Second, and Third place.  “Best Chili” samples will be collected at 11:00 AM for “Best Chili” judging.

8.         Cooks will be provided a free sample kit prior to the opening of the event to the public.  Be sure to go by and check out the competition before 12 noon.

9.         We encourage you to decorate your space with hand signs, banners, or costumes to showcase your business or organization to participate in the Best Decorated Booth contest.

10.       Chili will be served to the public from 11:00 AM until 1:30 PM. In order to insure having chili for all tasters, you are required to serve only one spoon of chili to each taster using the spoon provided by the Lions until 1:30.  The spoon is to be returned to the Lions at 1:30.


The area reserved for our cook-off is located in the southeast corner of the park adjacent to the pavilion.  Look for the Lions Club sign and officials’ table.  Lions Club will sell to the public sample kits consisting of a bowl, spoon, napkin, crackers, and a voting ticket.  The announcement of winners and presentation of awards will be at approximately 1.45 PM at the main stage of the pavilion.


If you have questions, please call Russell Thurman, Chili Cook-Off coordinator, at 405-747-4155 or Lion’s President, Jim Pickard at 760-672-7659.


Click here for the Application to join the fun!!

Click here for a copy of the rules!!



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