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  Cushing, Oklahoma Retail Draws Shoppers From Across Region    

Cushing is the proven regional hub for its wide trade area for the goods and services it offers. City sales tax revenues returned to growth in 2010, and the city projects that trend will continue. Growth in the trade area is positive, with a two percent increase over the past 10 years and another half-percent expected in the next five. The economy is based in part on the oil storage sector of the energy industry. In fact, Cushing, Oklahoma is the official delivery point for Light Sweet Crude worldwide on New York Mercantile Exchange

Cushing presents retail opportunity for businesses in many categories including hospitality, food and beverage, soft goods, electronics and home furnishings, entertainment and automotive. City government is growth-focused and incentives are available on a per-project basis. The sections under the tab "City"  contain a snapshot of current demographic and community profile information for Cushing, but to see the real story, come to the city and take a look around.  Contact Cushing Economic Development Director David Hinkle for more information or to schedule an appointment at 918-508-5847.  

There is an exceptional amount of potential for growth in Cushing.  There are two different Industrial Parks; one on the South Side of Town, and one on the North Side of Town. There are several plots of land throughout the city that is ready for new construction, new growth, and new business opportunities.  To find out more, please  please contact Cushing Economic Development Director David Hinkle at 918-508-5847.