Leadership Cushing


Leadership Cushing     



“The test of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity,

but to elicit it,

for the greatness is already there.”

John Buchan



LEADERSHIP CUSHING is a seminar series sponsored by the Cushing Chamber of Commerce & Industry, designed to identify, educate and develop Cushing area citizens for positions of community leadership.



Program Goal


The principal goal is to build a resource of community leadership on a continual basis.  LEADERSHIP CUSHING has four specific objectives.





  • To identify potential community leaders.

  • To expand the leadership potential of participants by increasing their knowledge of Cushing and the critical issues that face the community and by exposing particicpants to present community leaders.

  • To improve communications between present and future leaders.

  • To provide a channel for those not presently in leadership roles to gain access to positions of community leadership.








Programs total nine with a core subject area of seven between the initial program, Orientation and the Graduation Program.


Those core subjects concentrate on the areas of Local Non-Profit Programs, tour of the Corrections Corporation of American prison, State Government and History, Local industries, Public and Secondary Education, Local and County Government and Healthcare.


The programs generally begin in the latter part of March each year and run until the latter part of May.  It is an intense program that consists of one of the broad areas covered almost on a weekly basis.



The Concept / The Paticipants


The future of Cushing is dependent upon the new leaders of our area.  Building a better community doesn’t happen by accident.  Intense training and guidance are essential parts of community growth.


Developing a resource of concerned and knowledgeable individuals, who will contribute to enhance community development is the focus of LEADERSHIP CUSHING.  The experience offers talented individuals the opportunity for personal growth and development while preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.  Make a difference – Be a Leader!


If you are committed to serving the entire community, to helping solve local problems and to developing leadership potential, you are encouraged to apply to the LEADERSHIP CUSHING program.


Once accepted and enrolled in the program, participants will be expected to attend each of the sessions so they may benefit from all the program has to offer.



Selection Procedure


Participants will be selected from a cross section of the community in order to select a diversified group.  The committee may choose to limit the number of participants from any single occupational background.  The selection committee will look for individuals with the ability to set and achieve goals, availability of time and resources to give to community service and who have demonstrated personal commitment to the Cushing community.



LEADERSHIP CUSHING will select a minimum of six (6) and a maximum of 15 participants from candidates who have applied or have been nominated by their employers, a community organization, a member of the community or themselves.  Applications are requested from individuals most apt to use their leadership for the long-term benefit of the community.


Tuition for the program is $200 per participant from a Cushing Chamber of Commerce & Industry member business and $225 per participant from non-member businesses.  Tuition is payable on or before Friday before the Orientation class which is normally on Saturday.  The tuition fee covers all costs of the program including travel, class materials and meals.